Berlin, Germany: Day 1

Around 1:00 pm today, Neele and I hopped on a train from Hannover to Berlin, Germany, for a few days. The train ride was around 1.5 hours, extremely quiet, and included WiFi.

Once we arrived in Berlin, we purchased train tickets to head to our hotel. The immensity of the train station blew my mind! So many people and so much coming and going. I am so thankful that Neele is serving as my guide/translator for my time here in Germany. Otherwise, I would be completely lost!

Berlin train station

Once we found our correct trains, we made our way to the hotel and checked in for the coming weekend. The hotel I found to be artsy and swanky and our room included a beautiful view.

View from our hotel room

After we switched bags, we headed out to explore. Neele took me through the department store next to our hotel, which is the second largest department store in Europe after Harrods in London, England. We went up to the seventh floor and perused through the stationary section. Most of the stores are high-end, luxury stores. On the 7th floor of the mall, visitors can choose what they would like to eat, load up the items on a cart, and checkout by paying for the weight of their food.

After finishing at the department store, we walked down the street and ran into a Christmas market still set up. Neele and I wandered and looked at the different booths. Along the way, Neele pointed out traditional food and drinks that are standard to the markets. Like Hannover, Berlin still had man Christmas lights up, which added so much character to the city.

Once we wrapped up at the Christmas market, Neele and I hopped on a bus to go and see the famous Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag. Near the Brandenburg Gate was the U.S. Embassy and the most expensive hotel in Germany. This is the hotel Neele informed me that Michael Jackson held his son over the balcony.

By the time we finished looking at the Reichstag, Neele and I were hungry so we hopped back on a bus to take us to an Italian restaurant. Before eating, we ended up walking through another newer shopping mall and ran into some Bear-lin bears throughout the city, which the city is known for along with their unique crosswalk lights of a little man. Neele also took me to a grocery store, per my request, because I wanted to see how they differed from the U.S. The most important difference to me was that there was a wider variety of Kinder chocolate…delicious!

Looking forward to another couple of days of exploring Berlin! This city has made a great first impression!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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