Travel Day: Grantham, England to London, England

Happy Monday friends!

Today I am recapping my travel day to the airport and what I did and saw while in London for a brief few hours.

Last Wednesday after British Studies concluded for the day, I caught the 1:10 pm shuttle into town to the train station. I overestimated how long the shuttle would take arriving at the train station so I ended up sitting for a solid 45 minutes. However, we all know I nearly missed my connecting train in Edinburgh, so having excess time is a good thing!

Once my train arrived at London King’s Cross, I looked at my handy CityMaps2Go app to see what attractions were nearby. I ended up walking to the British Library to find out my bag was probably too big to enter (you had to pass through security.) I opted instead to walk to the Camden Town Markets, which was roughly a mile. A few people at Harlaxton had been raving about these markets so I went to check them out myself. Looking back, I should have hopped on the tube probably to maximize my time, especially with my large backpack. Alas, the walk was refreshing!

The Camden Town Markets were not at all what I expected. In my mind, I thought the markets would be artisanal items made by locals. However, I quickly found out this was not the case. Instead, there were cheap souvenir stalls, restaurants, and really cool street art!

The whole experience I found to be overwhelming, but overall really cool to see in person. I am not sure I would go back when I return to London, but am happy to have ventured to this part of the city nonetheless.

After spending an hour in Camden Town, I headed to the nearest tube station to head to where I was meeting my friend, Kendall. With the help of the CityMapper map, I easily found which tube line to take to get where I needed to be.

Kendall and I managed to find one another and she led the way to where we would be eating dinner. Instead of heading straight to eat, we opted to explore the surrounding area for a bit, which had cute shops and restaurants. Eventually, we walked back to the restaurant and ate some delicious Vietnamese food.

After dinner, Kendall and I went in search of a pub for a drink. We found a pub close to a tube station and enjoyed a drink with one another. The pub had a great atmosphere and decor. Who doesn’t love taxidermied birds and British bunting flags hanging over their head?

Around 8:00 pm, Kendall and I parted ways at the tube station. I managed to make my way to my next train without any mishaps. Since my train did not leave until 9:00 pm, I killed some time by walking around the train station. Eventually, I boarded my train and made it to the airport.

Like my flight over to Heathrow, I was unable to go through security. As a result, I found a cozy and quiet bench and curled up to catch some sleep for the night.

See you back here tomorrow! I promise day one in Geneva, Switzerland, will be more exciting than today’s travel day post.

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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