Day Trip: Lincoln, England

Last Friday, all Harlaxton students had to attend a field trip for our British Studies class to Lincoln, England. Traveling to this English city helped bring the material we were learning in class (Roman influence, castles, and conquest, etc.) to life. I had pretty low expectations for Lincoln and they were easily surpassed! After arriving … Continue reading Day Trip: Lincoln, England


Day Trip: Sheffield, England

Following my day trip to Cambridge, I had the opportunity to go on a local culture trip on Sunday sponsored by the school. Roughly once a week, a sign-up sheet goes up at Harlaxton and interested students can put their names down for these "free trips." My trip to Stamford a few weeks back was … Continue reading Day Trip: Sheffield, England

Day Trip: Cambridge, England

With having Friday makeup classes, I decided to save some money and go on the day trip the school offered to Cambridge on Saturday. We left on the bus at 9:00 am and headed to the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial. To be quite honest, I did not even know there was a cemetery near … Continue reading Day Trip: Cambridge, England