Budapest, Hungary: Day 3

Day 3 in Budapest began with Orsi and I going to breakfast at the same cafe we had gone to the previous morning. This time, I had a something called pogácsa which is a cheesy/salty fluffy biscuit. I do not have a picture unfortunately as my stomach was begging to be fed quickly.

After breakfast, Orsi and I hopped onto a tram to go to Margit Island. There, we walked through the park enjoying the sun and peace that came with the surrounding trees. In the park, there is a mini zoo, hostel, and a beautiful Japanese garden. Orsi told me the park looks much prettier in summer, but I still found Margit Island to be quite nice even in the winter.

Once Orsi and I had our fill of the park, we took a bus and tram and headed towards heroes square. When we arrived at the square, Orsi walked me through the history behind each historical figure. All of the sculptures are of significant men who helped shape Hungary into the country it is today. I enjoyed hearing all about Hungary’s history!

After learning about Hungary’s history, Orsi and I walked to Vajdahunyad castle. Here, we admired the architecture and rubbed the pencil of the anonymous statue.

Next, Orsi took me to see the most famous bath of Budapest, Szechenyi. We did not go in to bathe, but looked at the fountain and interior, which were stunning!

Budapest is known for its thermal baths, which are natural. During my time in the city, I did not go to one. Orsi looked at the prices to bathe at Szechenyi and said it was very expensive.

After seeing the lobby of Szechenyi, Orsi and I hopped on a train to head to the Museum of Terror. The Museum of Terror covers the history of communism in Hungary through WWII and Soviet Occupation. There are four different levels to the museum and all the information in the exhibits are written in Hungarian. Since I would be unable to read the signs, I opted for an audio guide for an additional fee. If I would have known that there would be handouts in each room with English translations explaining the exhibit, I would not have gotten the audio guide.

The basement is the portion of the Museum of Terror I will never forget. During Soviet occupation, those who opposed communism or accused of being anti-communist were tortured, killed, and imprisoned in the basement of the building. The replicas of the cells, torture devices, and noose still to this moment stick out in my mind. I had chills walking through each cell.

Unfortunately, pictures cannot be taken in the museum so an exterior photo of the building will have to suffice. If you find yourself in Budapest, I highly recommend the Museum of Terror!

The Museum of Terror

Orsi and I felt very depressed, sad, and hungry after the museum so we walked to a street stall to have another Hungarian dish: lángos. Basically, dough is fried (like a funnel cake or elephant ear) and topped with cheese and sour cream. Meats and vegetables can be added, but I opted for the traditional Hungarian way.


After eating our lángos, Orsi took me to a printing store so I could print my boarding pass. Thus far, I have been okay with using a virtual boarding pass for my flights. However, WizzAir required me to get my visa checked when I flew to Hungary and when flying back to England, which required a printout.

Once I had my boarding pass, Orsi and I walked to the river Danube to watch the sunset and look at the funny statues along the river. The lights and river were just beautiful!

Orsi and I took a lot of photos and then hopped on the tram to head back to her flat. We made a pit stop at Aldi to pick up some snacks some of which were new to me: peach juice and Kinder pingui bars. Our night ended with watching the new movie “Isn’t it Romantic” together…well Orsi watched the whole thing while I managed to fall asleep.

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 3:30 am to catch my 6:00 am flight back to London. Orsi walked me to the bus stop to make sure I hopped onto the correct bus, which luckily was a direct ride to the airport.

One of the WizzAir flight attendants happened to be cracking down on bag size. My backpack will not fit in the bag checker, but will fit under the seat. Every time the attendant walked near me, I made sure my backpack happened to be facing away from her. During the stressful 10 minutes, the lady behind me in line and I bonded as we both turned back and forth following the path of the attendant. We both made it through without paying the baggage fee. Score!

When I arrived to England, the weather happened to be rainy. I decided that I would arrange for a cab to take me back to the manor instead of walking the 3 miles. However, there were no cabs available! So, I ended up walking back in the rain to the manor. Along the sidewalk, there happened to be standing water on the road. A couple of cars skirted the edges of the water when they drove by this stretch of road. After making the observation that drivers do have souls and would not go through the water on purpose, I decided to start walking. As soon as I reached the first area where the water was located on the road, two cars drove right through the water and the whole right side of my body became drenched. I laughed at how absurd the whole situation happened to be. Another memory for the books!

Thank you Orsi for letting me visit and for being a fabulous tour guide! I cannot wait to come back again!

Is Budapest on your bucket list, now? If not, I really think it should be! Maybe I am slightly biased?

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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