Lake District: Day 1

Hello there! It’s been a while!

I decided to take a break from blogging since I hadn’t traveled anywhere the weekend following my trip to Hungary.

With that being said, I am back and here to recap my most recent weekend trip to the Lake District in England!

The Lake District trip was highly recommended to me by other Harlaxton alumni. Because the area is slightly difficult to get to on your own, going with the school is easier if the Lake District is an area you would like to see. I absolutely love to hike, so I signed up for the trip.

Besides being known for its outdoor beauty, many famous English authors and artists are from the Lake District. For this reason, there are museums and monuments dedicated to some like Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth.

On Thursday evening, I boarded a coach along with other Harlaxton students to make the four hour drive to Lake District National Park. We arrived to our YHA Hostel in Ambleside around 10:00 pm and I promptly headed to bed so I would be well-rested for my free day on Friday.

When I woke up Friday morning, my friend Maria and I grabbed breakfast before heading out to explore the area. We did not really have a plan for the day, but knew we wanted to do some hiking and exploring the quaint English towns.

Maria and I set off walking towards the town, Windermere. Along the way, we stopped and saw some sheep and admired the gorgeous view of Lake Windermere.

After seeing the sheep, the English weather took a turn for the worse and it began to rain. At this point, Maria and I decided to find the nearest Visitors Center so we could not only get recommendations on what to do/see in the area. Most importantly, though, we wanted to get some assistance on how to navigate the bus system to maximize our day.

The nearest Visitors Center happened to be a short walk away in Brookdale. When Maria and I arrived, the center was closed so we walked the grounds to buy some time. Finally, the Visitors Center opened and Maria and I were able to figure out the bus system and get recommendations from a local on what to do/see in the area.

Maria and I hopped on the next available bus and made our way to Windermere. There, we did our first hike to the Orrest Head viewpoint. The short 30-minute hike came highly recommended by the lady who worked at the Visitors Center.

As we hiked, the English weather continued to be its normal 4-seasons in a day self. At one point, Maria and I were being pelted with ice. All we could do was laugh and take shelter among the trees.

Finally, Maria and made it to the top of Orrest Head. The view was absolutely stunning! However, the wind happened to be crazy strong. I did not think wind speed could top the Cliffs of Moher, but boy was I wrong! I squatted at some points to make sure I did not blow away.

After freezing our butts off and nearly falling down from the wind, Maria and I made our way back down and decided to explore the quaint town of Windermere for a while. We popped in some local shops to have a look around before stopping at a cafe to warm up with a coffee.

Cappuccino time!

Once we warmed up, Maria and I headed back to the bus station to take the 555 bus to Grassmere. This town is home of the famous Grassmere Gingerbread and where poet William Wordsworth is buried. We walked on a little path that took us to William Wordsworth’s graves and provided beautiful views of the Lakes District.

Maria and I walked through Grassmere exploring the local shops before deciding to walk again towards a hiking path I had saw that went along the river. She and I hiked through the woods for a while. The silence of the woods provided so much peace. I kept looking around just soaking in the beauty and green of everything. Maria and I followed signs to dictate our direction. We went wherever the sign pointed to Ambleside because that was going to be our final destination of the evening.

Eventually, our legs tired and the path ended. Maria and I made our way to the bus stop where we hopped on to head to Ambleside.

Since it was still pretty early for dinner, we decided to explore the little town. Maria and I spent some time in local stores looking at art and scoped out dinner: Thai food.

Thai green curry. Yum!

That ends my first day in Lake District National Park! Stop by tomorrow to read about day two!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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