Lake District: Days 2 & 3


When I signed up for the Lake District trip, I had the option to also pay for a day excursion. The guided tour involved kayaking on Lake Windermere and ghyll scrambling. I love to kayak and thought the gyhll scrambling (rappelling down waterfalls) would be two one-in-a-lifetime experiences so I signed up!

Fast forward to Saturday: the weather outside is dismal. The temperature is maybe 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with the chilly air, rain is pouring from the sky and the wind is blowing like a banshee. Lake Windermere has whitecaps, which our guides told us means the wind is blowing at a minimum of 25 mph. As a result of the stormy conditions, our guides inform us that we cannot ghyll scramble. However, we will still go kayaking and will do an alternate activity in the afternoon.

I am an absolute wimp when it comes to cold weather, but I suited up in a wet suit, helmet, jacket, and life vest to kayak. In my whole getup, I felt warm and confident like superwoman. Our group of 20 headed outside. Some students decided to do a double-kayak, but I opted for a single. With the rain pelting my face, I paddled against the wind on Lake Windermere. I cannot imagine how ridiculous our whole group looked fighting against the wind and rain while kayaking.

Throughout the whole kayaking adventure, I laughed and shook my head at how absurd the whole experience happened to be. Who intentionally decides to kayak on a lake that has whitecaps with rain pelting your face?!

After kayaking, we took a 1.5 hour break for lunch and to warm up and change before setting out to explore some nearby caves.

At the caves, we hiked a little bit before we went into a cave where slate used to be mined. Everyone had free time to take photos and explore the area. The view was stunning despite the rain!

Once we finished at the caves, our group headed back to the hostel. I met up with Maria and the two of us walked to the fish and chip shop for dinner. With full bellies, Maria and I went back to the hostel and played cards with friends to top off the evening.


My last morning at Lake District National Park involved a hearty breakfast and taking some photos. Of course, the weather happened to be sunshine and blue skies. The ideal weather for kayaking and ghyll scrambling.

After photos, I settled in for the 4-hour bus ride back to Harlaxton.

I would go back to Lake District National Park in a heartbeat. However, I would go either in April/May or fall when the weather would be warmer and less crazy.

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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