Porto, Portugal: Day 2

With sunshine and blue skies, Miriam and I decided Friday would be beach day in Porto!

We hopped on the tram and took it all the way to the end of the blue line to see Senhor de Matosinhos. Outside of the church was a beautiful courtyard with trees and flowers. Similar to Igreja dos Carmelitas, the interior contained lots of gold for decoration.

After Senhor de Matosinhos, Miriam and I got back onto the tram to head to the beach. There, we sunbathed for a few hours. I ended up sunburned, but feeling the sunshine on my skin was 100% worth the pain!

So much love for the sunshine and sand!

When Miriam and I had our fill of the beach, we decided to head back to to our Airbnb to eat an early dinner and watch the sunset. While walking back to the tram station, we took an alternate root through Porto City Park. For being in the city, I thought the park seemed really large! There were ponds with squawking birds, gorgeous flowers, and beautiful trees.

When riding back on the tram, some sweet, Portuguese vovós (grandmas) were overly concerned about Miriam and I getting off at the correct tram stop. At first, one of the three spoke to me in English, but I could not make out what she was saying as the tram was loud and crowded. Miriam replied in Spanish, however, she could not understand what the avó said either. Finally, another Portuguese woman asked us which stop we were getting off at which we told her. She translated in Portuguese to the vovós. Eventually, the woman explained the vovós wanted to help us get off at the correct tram stop because the screens displayed on the tram were not working. How sweet! Kind people are everywhere, friends!

After getting off at the correct tram stop and eating dinner, we set out to find a place in the city to watch the sunset over the Douro River. When walking through the streets, we happened to find an area overlooking the city and river. This happened to be a hot spot with lots of people, since it had a grassy area. Locals and tourists alike were drinking, smoking, and listening to music.

With all of the smoking, though, Miriam and I didn’t stay long and headed down towards the riverside quickly. In the nick of time, we caught the tail end of the sunset.

After sunset, Miriam and I stopped in some local shops to see some wares. I was on the hunt for an ornament, but struck out on Friday. Then, we both stopped to grab some gelato. I do not have a picture, but I had a traditional Portuguese cookie-flavored gelato. Yum!

That wraps up day two in Porto! Short and sweet compared to day one! Stop back tomorrow to read about my final day in Portugal.

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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