The 2.5 Week Adventure Begins!

On Wednesday, I said a “see you later” to Harlaxton manor and my friends following my final British Studies exam.

Alexa, my roommate, and I had a mini photo shoot before I hopped on the shuttle to head to Stansted airport to kick-off my 2.5 adventure to Denmark, Italy, and Slovenia!

Roomie pic: me and Alexa

For my journey to London, I opted to take a train and then a bus to Stansted instead of taking the train all the way to the airport. Now, upon arriving to King’s Cross, I took the tube to London Liverpool Street to catch my bus. I had never been to this station before and I had 15 minutes to find the bus stop. As the minutes pass by, I start to panic as I cannot find where the buses drop-off and pick-up. Finally, I find the bus area only to find out the entire area is under renovation. I decide to go out front to the street side and ask a city worker where to find the bus. He kindly gives me directions and I start SPRINTING because I have less than 10 minutes to catch my bus. I arrive just in time, albeit out of breath, and find out the 4:00 pm bus has been canceled. WHAT?! The bus ride to Stansted is roughly 1.5 hours and waiting for the 4:30 pm bus puts me arriving at the airport around 6:00 pm IF traffic is not crazy. My flight to Denmark, my destination, is at 7:30 pm so arriving 1.5 hours to the airport is a bit too close for my comfort. I decide to book a train ticket to the airport to be on the safe side.

After I arrive to Stansted, I pass through some security and grab some sushi for dinner. Yum! Not long after, my gate is assigned so I make my way to where I need to be and I find out my flight is delayed by 30 minutes. Sigh. Finally, passengers are told to make their way to the priority and non-priority lines.

While standing in line, the associate for RyanAir pulls me out of line for my bag size. I will admit my Cotopaxi backpack does not comply with Europe’s budget air backpack regulations. HOWEVER, the bag fits under the seat. As I politely explained this to the associate, she tells me that does not matter and I must pay the 20 pounds to put my bag in the plane’s hold. I pull out my credit card and insert it to pay. My card is declined. I ask the associate to try again. My card is declined a SECOND time. I go to my wallet and pull out 20 pounds cash and the associate informs me they do not accept cash and asks if I have another card. I respond with ‘no.’ Internally, I am panicking again. Are they not going to let me onto my flight? She sternly tells me for this one time only I can take my bag for free, but I need to put it into the hold. THANK GOODNESS! At this point, I cannot wait to get onto the plane. Being the rebel I am, once my boarding pass is scanned and I pass out of sight of the RyanAir counter, I rip off the tag and take my backpack onto the plane. No hold for this girl’s bag! My seat neighbor asked me how I managed to get my credit card not to work and get my bag on and I had no response for him. Pure luck?

Finally, my flight landed in Billund, Denmark. There, Louise (my aunt’s exchange student from 2003) picked me up from the airport and we headed to her house where I promptly went to sleep.

My family with Louise July 2015 during her last visit to the United States

Eventful and memorable!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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