Aahurs, Denmark

For my first full day in Denmark (last Thursday), Louise, her 8-month old daughter, and I took a day trip to Aahurs, Denmark! Back in her undergraduate days, Louise called Aahurs home. As a result, she took me to all of her favorite places in the city and reminisced while we spent the day there.

Our first stop of the day was the ARoS Aahurs art museum to see the famous rainbow panorama created by a Danish-Icelandic artist. Louise, Eva, and I also explored some other art exhibits while we were there. One of the exhibits had to do with the idea of home. For one of the displays, an artist had purchased signs from homeless people in different countries. The signs were then framed in a golden/ornate frame to show the juxtaposition of wealth and poverty.

After the art museum, Louise, Eva, and I walked around the city. We stopped at the public library down near the harbor. I found myself thoroughly impressed with Danish architecture and playgrounds. At the library, for example, the outside perimeter of the library has multiple play sets for children to climb all over. What a great way to bring convince children to get outside and read! Once finished at the library, the three of us traversed the streets soaking in the sunshine.

After a quick lunch of sandwiches outside, I helped Louise load up the car and she drove us to an art warehouse. There, artisans have workshops to create and build and visitors can stop in to have a bite to eat at the cafe or watch the artists at work. I went up to the rooftop where you could walk up and see the city.

Aarhus from the rooftop

When I climbed back down from the roof, Louise, Eva, and I hopped back into the car and drove to the deer park. Yes I typed that correctly. A DEER PARK! There, we saw deer (of course) and wild pigs during our nice walk through the forest.

After admiring the beach and ocean for a few minutes, Louise and I took Eva and loaded up the car again to head back home. A great first day in Denmark!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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