Jelling, Denmark

For day two in Denmark (Friday), Louise, Eva, and I did a half day trip to Jelling to learn about the Vikings!

We stopped first at Jelling Church which dates back to 1100. Outside the church, two different Viking rune stones are displayed. I found the Danish cemetery to be very interesting (no surprise). Hedges surround each plot and grass does not grow around the stones. Louise, Eva, and I climbed up the two nearby hills to enjoy the view.

Next, we made our way to the visitor’s center across the street. There, I learned more about the Danish Vikings, the evolution of Christianity in Denmark, and the emergence of the Danish monarchy. All I found very interesting!

After the museum, the three of us headed back home. Louise and I ate a traditional Danish lunch of Rye bread with fermented fish. Delicious (not lying)!

Louise and I relaxed for a while after lunch while Eva took a nap. When Kristian (Louise’s boyfriend) came back from work, Louise and I headed into Herning to check out the textile museum.

The textile industry helped shape the Central Jutland into what it is today. At the museum, a new exhibit was opening so Louise and I were able to get in for free! Students at the local college researched the sailor shirt and identity. All of the fashion pieces were entirely unique. I was thoroughly impressed with what each student came up with when discussing identity and their ability to use machines to incorporate intricate text. My favorite piece happened to be a sweater that highlighted the power of of an individual’s passport or citizenship. Besides the sailor shirt exhibit, Louise and I tried out some of thee sewing machines and also learned about the evolution of the textile industry.

After Louise and I had our fill on fabric, we headed back to the house. There, Kristian, Eva, Louise and I grabbed a few things and piled into the car to go to Louise’s mom and step-dad’s home for dinner.

I am afraid to say I did not take any photos of dinner, so you will have to imagine a traditional Danish sandwich and lemon dessert. After dinner, we headed back to the house to get some shut-eye.

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