Copenhagen, Denmark

On Saturday, I headed to Denmark’s capital by myself — thanks Louise for sponsoring my ticket!

I boarded a bus at 7:30 am and arrived in Copenhagen around 11:30 am.

As soon as I disembarked, I quickly made my way to Amalienborg Palace to watch the changing of the guards. Quite honestly, I did not stay for the whole thing as I did not have the best view. Arrive earlier if you want to see the changing of the guards!

After snapping a few photos, I walked across the street to the Marble church. Like St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the Marble Church is Roman-style with its large dome.

Once I finished taking in the beauty of the Marble Church, I headed towards the famous Little Mermaid Statue. Along the way, I made a pit stop at St. Alban’s Church, which is the only Anglican church in all of Denmark. I adored the location of this particular church. Gardens, water, and a fountain surrounded the building which made the area very picturesque!

Finally, I arrived at the Little Mermaid. While waiting to take a photo of the famous statue, a boat drove by with a bunch of Danish (I presume) men drinking for a bachelor party (once again I am presuming). As I am standing on the steps, the men collectively turn around and pull down their shorts mooning everyone with their beers in their hands. Hilarious! I wish I would have snagged a photo of the white butts behind the Little Mermaid, but some things are best not to be photographed!

The Little Mermaid

Once I escaped the swaths of tourists at the Little Mermaid, I began walking in the general direction of the Round Tower. I managed to walk through another beautiful park and through a residential area with some colorful buildings.

After my wanderings, I made it to the Round Tower. I purchased my ticket and began walking up the spiral floor to the top of the building. Throughout the climb, the building had different museum exhibits you could pop in to learn about the tower’s history. Eventually, I arrived at the top and had a beautiful view of Copenhagen. Out of all of the churches and towers I have climbed this semester, the Round Tower had the most space for visitors to spread out so I did not feel claustrophobic at all!

Copenhagen from the Round Tower

Eventually, I climbed down and started walking towards Nyhavn. This is probably the most photographed and iconic area of Copenhagen. The buildings are colorful and the canal is filled with boats, which brings forth thoughts of Amsterdam.

After taking an excessive amount of photos of the buildings and squeezing in a couple camera selfies, I went in search of a boat tour. I purchased a ticket and hopped aboard a boat and listened to Vincent, the guide, enlighten myself and everyone else on the boat with information about Copenhagen and various buildings. Copenhagen is in fact based off of Amsterdam. A past king of Denmark wanted to not only encourage Dutch people to emigrate to Denmark to pay taxes, but also wanted them to recreate Amsterdam. Additionally, the Danish flag is the oldest flag in world. As such, the Danish flag can be seen everywhere. All in all, the boat tour lasted an hour and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Once I disembarked, I walked to Freetown Christiania. This area of Copenhagen lives by its own rules. Most notably, weed/hash is openly sold on the streets. I found the whole area to be very free-spirited and artsy. For me, the murals were neat, but I did not stay long as the smell of weed was overwhelming. Not my scene! If you happen to visit Freetown Christiania, do not take any photos as you will get reprimanded.

Freetown Christiania happened to be the last stop on my Copenhagen “to-do” list so I spent the rest of my time wandering the streets, going in stores that were open (by law stores close early 5:00-6:30 pm), and looking at the architecture before catching my train to Herning.

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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