Hvide Sande, Vedersø Klit, & Ringkøbing, Denmark

After a full Saturday in Copenhagen, my Sunday started out pretty relaxing with a nice breakfast of toast and pancakes with Louise and Kristian.

Soon after, Louise and I hopped into her car to drive to the fishermen village of Hvide Sande. There, various competitions were taking place. Louise and I arrived just in time to see the fishing waders beauty pageant.

Danish models in the making

After the beauty pageant concluded, Louise and I walked to the top of the nearby bunkers and beach. Nothing quite screams Denmark like windmills near the ocean.

Once we wrapped up our seaside walk, Louise drove us to Vedersø Klit, which is a popular area for Danes to have summer houses. Prior to our beach stop, we pulled off the road at a little shop to have some ice cream and to sample some rum. When we arrived at the coast, the sun decided to make an appearance. Perfect weather for a seaside walk!

Am I really in Denmark?

With sand in our shoes, Louise drove us to the old Danish town of Ringkøbing. There, we did another seaside walk before heading back to Herning.

Bench views in Ringkøbing

For dinner, Louise cooked some delicious Thai food. Upon sitting down to eat, the food was piping hot. While Kristian, Louise, and I waited for dinner to cool down, we started to play the board game Ticket to Ride. As the game began, I noticed Louise and Kristian were playing by different rules than what my family does at home. I pointed this out to Louise and Kristian explaining how I usually play. Kristian made the executive decision that we play by the “American rules.” As the game progressed, both Louise and Kristian said the “American rules” made a lot more sense which made me laugh. Louise ended up sabotaging one of my routes I needed to complete and I ended up losing terribly to Kristian who came in second and Louise who came in first.

A relaxing Sunday!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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