Billund, Denmark

My final blog post wrapping up my time in Denmark! Whew! Thanks for sticking with me and my inconsistent posting. Lucky for you, being behind means double the blog posts and photos. Who doesn’t love that?

For my last day (April 30), Louise, Eva, and I headed to the city where my Danish adventure began: Billund. Also known as, LEGO’s headquarters where Louise works!

Our first stop was Louise office where she took Eva up to see her coworkers, while I wandered around the LEGO campus.

After 30 minutes, we met up again and grabbed some Indian food for lunch and headed to LEGO House: Home of the Brick. This is a new LEGO complex (only a couple of years ago) and tells the story of the LEGO Brick.

LEGO House: Home of the brick

For our first stop, we started at the top of the building where LEGO fans’ creations are displayed. The massive dinosaurs were in the same room. Then, we headed down the stairs to check out the LEGO cities. The cities were amazing with moving parts and sounds of real cities. To mimic day turning to night, the lights would dim and crickets would chirp. Simply amazing!

Then, Louise and I went to the first activity station to build our own LEGO people. Once we built our figures, Louise and I played them on a platform where they got their picture taken for a magazine. So fun!

My beach boy and traveling LEGO gal

To start off, Louise I felt like I was reliving my childhood and the best time!

Next, I built a fish to go in the LEGO fish tank. Similar to the LEGO people, I built my fish and then placed it on a platform where its picture was taken. Then, I added eyes and a mouth before the fish swam into the tank.

My fish! Can you see it swimming in the tank?

After making fish, the three of us walked through some of the other exhibits. I played a game with Louise that involved moving different colored houses around to please the LEGO citizens. Then, I participated in a LEGO robotics battle where I had to free the scientists from the ice to do research on the animals.

Soon after I finished, LEGO House was closing so we headed to the basement to go briefly through the museum. Louise explained to me how the same level of quality the company was founded upon on are still upheld today. I learned too that LEGO originally produced wooden kids toys and not LEGOs. Go figure!

Upon exiting, I scanned my wristband and received a plastic card and 6 red LEGOs. My plastic card gave me a specific combo (#366,167,297) to make. With just 6 red LEGOs, MILLIONS of variations can be created.

Once the museum closed, Eva, Louise, and I headed to the LEGO employee store as Louise needed to purchase some gifts.

Then, we headed to the airport so I could fly to Rome, Italy.

Thank you Louise, Kristian, and Eva, for welcoming me to Denmark and into your home. I cannot wait to come back to Denmark with some other family members in tow to see you all again!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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