Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy: Day 1

Hi friends! I am back to the blog space and United States. My first two weeks back “home” have been a whirlwind…more on that later. In the meantime, I am going to continue to recap my last trips in Europe.

Where was I? Oh, yes! I had just arrived to see my host brother Enrico in Cagliari, Sardinia.

I woke up on Saturday morning after a restful sleep. By the time I made my way upstairs, Enri, his father, and brother had already left, but I had breakfast and coffee with Marella. Afterwards, I left my laundry with the sweet housekeeper (I cannot even begin to describe how crazy I felt doing so) before heading out to the archaeology museum. Enri unfortunately could not join me as he had school.

As I walked to the museum, I soon learned just how hilly Cagliari. Lots of steps and steep hills, but tremendous views.

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Once I found the archaeology museum (after getting lost), I entered free of charge! I learned about the Nuraghi, which were an ancient civilization in Sardinia while looking at pottery and statues. After I finished walking through all the exhibits, I made my way to National Pinacotheca. This museum contained biblical artworks painted on both canvas and wood. Then, I made my way to Museo d’Arte Siamese, which housed swords, statues, and pottery from Thailand.

By the time I wrapped up my time at the third museum, lunch time had arrived so I walked back to Enri’s home. Altogether, the five of us had a wonderful lasagna lunch cooked by the housekeeper.

After lunch, Enri and I made our way to the beach by bus. The weather all day had been pretty grey and overcast, but we both had our fingers crossed that the sun would peak out. Lucky for Enri and I, our wish came true and I was able to see the Mediterranean and its sparking turquoise blue color which is a moment I never will forget. The whole year Enri lived with my family, he claimed no sharks swam in the Mediterranean. I can vouch that I did not see any and my toes were safe!


Once we wrapped up our beach walk, Enri and I reverted to the sidewalk where we ran into Eugenio and one of his friends. The four of us stopped at a seaside restaurant and chatted over coffee. Eventually, Enri and I left to head back to the city center to meet two of Enri’s friends, Rafaele and Chiara, for Spritz. Rafele said I could not leave Italy without having this traditional orange Italian cocktail made of prosecco, aperol, and soda water, so I drank one along with everyone else. To Enri’s dissatisfaction, the drink was too strong which made everyone laugh. Both Rafaele and Chiara had also gone on exchange the previous year when Enri stayed with my family. I loved hearing about their experiences in Australia and Utah. After drinks and nibbles, the four of us headed out to see Cagliari at night. Not long into our walk, Enri and Chiara realized they both desperately needed a restroom. This led us to go on a hunt for a restaurant where Chiara and Enri could convince the working staff they were dumb tourists (Chiara sounds very American when speaking English) or find a sympathetic server. The sympathetic server won out. Soon after, Enri and I parted ways with Chiara and Rafele.

While walking back to Enri’s house, we caught the tail end of the traditional Sardinian parade (all week had been a holiday).

Day 2 in Cagliari, coming up next! Head back to the home page to read my next post!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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