Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy: Day 2

On Sunday, Enri, Marella, Emilio, and I went to a local pastry shop for a sweet treat and cappuccino before heading on a mini road-trip to Barumini, an archaeological site in Sardinia. During the drive, I saw artichoke fields for the very first time. I found the swaying plants to be mesmerizing and wholly unique.

Now, I the day prior, I had learned about the nuraghi at Cagliari’s archaeological museum. Marella suggested taking the drive to see the nuraghi in person and I of course said yes! Luckily for us, an English guided tour began as soon as we arrived. The guide explained the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, how the towers were built, and the daily life of the clans. I could not believe how thick and tall the walls of the towers were and the narrow spaces the people squeezed through on a daily basis. To this day, archaeologists do not know how the ancient people managed to transport the stones to build the towers. Very interesting!

After the tour, we piled back into the car and headed back to Cagliari. Emilio, Marella, Enri, and I went to an Italian restaurant and ate some delicious pasta and dessert before heading back to the house. Enri and I rested for a little bit after our food coma and eventually ventured out to the city to walk around. We went to Enri’s favorite lookouts and a few churches.

While wandering around, Enri and I stumbled across and artist’s shop and studio. He welcomed us both inside after seeing my admiration for his paintings. Enri served as the translator and the gentleman explained that he taught classes in his studio. As a parting gift, he gave me a little shell known as The Eye of Saint Lucia. This particular shell is meant to bring good luck. I was absolutely touched by the thoughtfulness of such a little gift. The shell is now tucked in my passport cover as a good luck charm.

For an hour or so, I wandered around on my own, while Enri went to church. After reuniting, Enri and I walked down near the harbor before heading back to his house. Later on, we walked back to town to grab some Margherita pizza for a snack/dinner.

A laid back Sunday!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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