Uvita, Costa Rica: Day 1

On Thursday October 10, I headed to Uvita, Costa Rica, with 8 other Sol Students for the first of my three long weekends.

Uvita is a beach town located southwest of San Jose in the Puntarenas province. If traffic is good, the bus ride is around 4 hours long.

After class, I Ubered to the bus station in San Jose with two of the group members: Hannah S. and Audrey. We decided to Uber to save on time because we needed to purchase our bus tickets. Depending on the bus company, bus tickets can sometimes be purchased online. For our bus to Uvita, we needed to purchase them in person, which meant we needed to arrive at least an hour before our desired bus.

Once we three arrived to the station, we went to the window to purchase the tickets. Audrey spoke with the ticket teller in Spanish and said on multiple occasions that we wanted to get on the 1:00 pm bus. After purchasing our tickets, we sat down to eat our packed lunches and to wait for the other two girls who were riding with us: Chasity and Ky’shun.

Eventually, our whole group made it to the station. Anxiously, the five of us listened to the intercom announcements waiting to hear our bus, but we never heard “Uvita.” Audrey and I went to the ticket teller to ask about our bus since it was almost 1:00 pm. To our surprise, the ticket teller told us we had missed our 12:15 pm bus. Apparently, the request for the 1:00 pm bus got lost in the translation. Unfortunately, the 1:00 pm bus was full. For free and for one time only, the ticket teller switched our tickets for the 2:00 pm bus to Uvita.

When 2:00 pm rolled around, our whole group got on the bus and settled in four the 4 hour bus ride.

Around 6:00 pm, the bus made it to Uvita. Our whole group disembarked and worked on calling an Uber because it was raining and dark. However, we soon learned Uber did not exist in Uvita and Uvita did not have any taxis. As a result, our group made the 30-minute walk in the dark to the AirBnb.

Upon arrival to the AriBnb, the groundskeeper graciously showed us around and offered to take us to the cheap nearby grocery store with his daughter. While we grocery shopped, Benito and Rosita both waited for the 5 of us to buy what we needed for the weekend. Once finished, everyone walked back together.

We topped off the night by eating dinner and talking before heading to sleep.

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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