Uvita, Costa Rica: Day 4

Once again, I found myself awake early. This time, though, I was not rushing around. I went outside and sat in a porch chair and watched the rain fall and chatted with Hannah D. While relaxing, Rosita brought over fresh coconuts to Hannah D. and I that Benito had chopped from the tree. I savored my fresh coconut juice while I rocked in the rocking chair.

Eventually, our group of 7 made their way out. Everyone packed a peanut butter sandwich for the bus ride and loaded up their backpacks. We said goodbye and thank you to both Benito and Rosita who were so kind during our stay.

Since our bus was supposed to leave at 10:40 am and we had purchased tickets the day before, we took our time getting to the bus station. We arrived around 10:15 am and noticed a bus already in the parking lot. However, we assumed it was another bus. Much to our surprised, though, this bus was going to San Jose and the bus driver said we could hop aboard. I still to this day not 100% certain if this was our assigned bus or not. Regardless, the bus was very empty which meant we did not have to sit in our assigned seats. Additionally, the bus left 10-15 minutes early, which is very uncommon in Costa Rica.

A short 4 hours later, we arrived to San Jose. From there, our huge group walked to the Heredia buses and took the public bus back to our host city.

A wonderful first long weekend!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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