Bicichocolate Tour!

Hi everyone! I know you are probably antsy in anticipation of photos and pictures of Cerro Chirripo, but I really wanted to talk about the chocolate tour I had a week ago.

Last week, myself and the rest of the ‘Group B’ Sol students went to Bicichocolate for a tour.

Bicichocolate is an artisan chocolate business run out of a house in Heredia. All of the chocolate is made by the son who has a fondness for chocolate and his mother. In order to make bicichocolate, bikes are used to mix and grind the ingredients hence the name bicichocolate.

During the first portion of the tour, the owner went through the history/discovery of chocolate. Then, we learned about how chocolate is made and sampled the cacao seeds and homemade hot chocolate. I did not realize cacao beans grow on the trunk of the tree and the seeds have a sweet fruit-type jelly coating on the outside which is edible.

After listening to the history of chocolate, our group followed the owner into the kitchen. There, he took us through the production process of the chocolate using the bicycles. A few students served as volunteers and pedaled to mix and grind the ingredients.

Once the bicycle demonstration wrapped up, we watched the chocolate be scraped into molds. While waiting for the chocolate to set in the fridge, everyone sampled little chocolates ranging in bitterness. Eventually, the chocolate in the molds were ready for eating. Everyone sampled a regular chocolate, chocolate with dulce de leche in the center, and chocolate with passion fruit in the center. The passion fruit chocolate was my favorite!

Once we finished sampling, everyone made purchases and then we headed back to the university.

A fun and interesting culture tour!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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