Budapest, Hungary: Day 3

Day 3 in Budapest began with Orsi and I going to breakfast at the same cafe we had gone to the previous morning. This time, I had a something called pogácsa which is a cheesy/salty fluffy biscuit. I do not have a picture unfortunately as my stomach was begging to be fed quickly. After breakfast, … Continue reading Budapest, Hungary: Day 3


Budapest, Hungary: Day 2

During my second day in Budapest, Orsi and I covered a lot of ground...10.9 miles to be exact! Grab a snack and sit back and relax because there is a long blog post with lots of pictures ahead! Orsi and I started off our day by grabbing breakfast at a nearby cafe. I had a … Continue reading Budapest, Hungary: Day 2

Budapest, Hungary: Day 1

Before I delve into my first evening in Budapest, Hungary, I need to provide a little bit of backstory. Flashback to August 2014 when I first met my dear friend Orsi (Or-shee). She and I were both exchange students through Rotary Youth Exchange and her first host family happened to be my friend Sophie's family. … Continue reading Budapest, Hungary: Day 1