Edinburgh, Scotland: Day 2

Day two in Edinburgh started off with more street wanderings. I came across old buildings and statues that doubled as roundabouts on major streets. Since I was traveling alone, I took my time and walked wherever I felt like going. I stayed as close as possible to the Edinburgh Castle area because I had a … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland: Day 2


Edinburgh, Scotland: Day 1

Day 1 in Edinburgh started off at 8:00 am. I felt sleepy, but excited to explore a new city. Per the suggestion of a Harlaxton staff member, I downloaded the app, CityMaps2Go, for my trip to Edinburgh. This app allows users to download maps for any city to their phone; therefore, you have the ability … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland: Day 1

Edinburgh, Scotland: Traveling by Train

Last Thursday after my last class concluded, an introduction to supply chain and logistics in case you are curious, I hopped on the Harlaxton shuttle to the train station. Now, I want to start by saying my first travel weekend I decided to do a solo adventure to Edinburgh, Scotland, by train. For a person … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland: Traveling by Train