Geneva, Switzerland: Day 3

On Saturday, Estelle and I started off my final day with eating breakfast with her whole family. The meal was filled with a mixture of French and English conversation along with laughter. After breakfast, we took the bus into Geneva to sight-see. We started off at the famous Lake Geneva where I could see the … Continue reading Geneva, Switzerland: Day 3


Geneva, Switzerland: Day 2

On Friday, Estelle and I woke up around 10:00 am to get ready to ski at Monts Jura in France. All week, Estelle had been checking the weather to determine which day would be the best to ski. Prior to me arriving, she decided that Friday seemed to be the best option with clear skies. … Continue reading Geneva, Switzerland: Day 2

Geneva, Switzerland: Day 1

Hi, everyone! I am back with a recap of day one in Switzerland! I apologize for the delay. Tuesday involved finishing up homework and studying for my first British Studies exam and Wednesday involved writing the said exam and traveling to Ireland where I am currently typing this blog post. So, Switzerland. First, some back … Continue reading Geneva, Switzerland: Day 1